Organisations are increasingly professionalising their approaches to reputation management.

They are seeking to establish meaningful reputation measurement, analysis and decision-making structures within their operations.

Reputation Risk Analysis

The first step is to identify where reputation risks lie.

We work with External Affairs and Risk professionals to identify the risks that matter, to understand them, their implications, and the appropriate measures needed to address them.

We have reputation risk assessment tools to help our clients understand the sources of risk, the drivers of reputation, and the alignment of behaviour, actions and communication.

We offer:

  • Reputation risk capability audit
  • Reputation risk analysis
  • Prevention and mitigation measures

External Affairs Capability

The world of reputation management is evolving rapidly.

The capability of leadership and staff is the single most important factor whenbuilding a reputation or withstanding a reputation crisis.

The rapidly changing context means that familiarity with recent developments, new approaches, and emerging technologies is essential for today’s External AffairsPractitioners.

Those with responsibility for corporate reputation are faced with the additionalchallenge of making the case for the adoption new approaches.

We offer:

  • Coaching, training and development programmes
  • Insight into up to date thinking and new approaches
  • Change programmes within organisations to develop new structures and approaches

Reputation Build and Rebuild

Reputations are complex and multidimensional.  They need to be actively managedin order to deliver optimal value to the business.

For reputations to carry authority and credibility there must be clear alignment between the leadership, strategy, beliefs, intent, purpose, as well as organisation-wide culture, behaviour and actions.

Our methodologies are designed to help build robust reputations – minimising riskand increasing resilience.

We offer:

  • Reputation recovery programmes
  • Reputation management programmes
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement

Emerging Markets

We have operated in emerging markets and challenging environments for over a decade. The demands of different markets present significant challenges.  Not only do we work with our clients to understand the reputation risks associated with particular markets, but we also advise on the unique and specific ways in which reputations have to be managed in different cultures.

We have particular experience in the Middle East and North Africa.

We offer:

  • On the ground support in emerging markets
  • Political and cultural landscape advice